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Version: 0.0.20

AWS Route53 Hosted Zones

Install the AWS Route53 module for hosted zones. Read more about AWS Route53 hosted zones here.

SELECT * FROM iasql_install('aws_route53_hosted_zones');

Create a hosted zone

Create a hosted zone and new record within it. Finally, apply it.

INSERT INTO hosted_zone (domain_name)
VALUES ('');

INSERT INTO resource_record_set (name, record_type, record, ttl, parent_hosted_zone_id)
SELECT '', 'CNAME', '', 300, id
FROM hosted_zone
WHERE domain_name = '';

SELECT * FROM iasql_apply();

Check default record sets have been added

Join over the hosted_zone and resource_record_set tables.

FROM resource_record_set
INNER JOIN hosted_zone ON = parent_hosted_zone_id
WHERE domain_name = '';