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Version: 0.0.20


Create a DB instance‚Äč

Install the AWS RDS module

SELECT * FROM iasql_install('aws_rds');

Create a DB instance in the rds table, associate the default security group to it, and apply the changes to the cloud account

INSERT INTO rds (db_instance_identifier, allocated_storage, db_instance_class, master_username, master_user_password, availability_zone, engine, backup_retention_period)
VALUES ('iasqlsample', 20, 'db.t3.micro', 'test', 'testpass', (select * from availability_zone limit 1), 'postgres:13.4', 0);

INSERT INTO rds_security_groups (rds_id, security_group_id) SELECT
(SELECT id FROM rds WHERE db_instance_identifier='iasqlsample'),
(SELECT id FROM security_group WHERE group_name='default');

SELECT * FROM iasql_apply();